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Carpet Fibers


Nylon is the most popular fiber (90% of residential carpets). It is a good choice for all traffic areas because it is durable and static free, it maintains fiber height, and resists soiling, staining, and mildew. We offer many types of carpets made from nylon fiber, including:



There is a specially engineered DuPont carpet fibre found in many DuPont STAINMASTER® carpets. FibreLoc™ fibres have the unique ability to lock themselves together when twisted into a carpet tuft allowing the tuft to keep its original shape longer. This prevents texture loss which allows the carpet to keep its original appearance for years.

Introducing Tactesse®: a new fibre and a new feel- found only in DuPontTM STAINMASTER® carpet. In the past only natural fibers could offer this caliber of fashion and beauty. Now you can get this look and feel with the superior performance of DuPontTM STAINMASTER®

STAINMASTER® Carpet has always been designed with stain free living in mind. DuPont stain resistance technology repels liquids at the fiber surface, keeping spills from penetrating where they can leave stains. DuPont has advanced its Teflon® cookware technology and applied it to carpeting. This unique innovation actually keeps carpets cleaner, ensuring a beautiful, fresh look for years to come.

EverTouch is a soft, beautiful yarn that creates carpets of unmatched comfort and luxury. The proof is in the feel: simply touch an EverTouch carpet and you'll discover the difference. It's what carpet was meant to be - it's carpet for living. EverTouch carpets feature performance ratings suggested for high-traffic areas. In other words, EverTouch is durable enough for any room in your home.

Exclusive to Shaw carpets, R2X application yields total fibre coverage. This technology is the first of its kind. The yarn is treated from top to bottom - instead of just the surface - so any absorption from the base is minimized. R2X carpets carry 7 and 10 year soil and stain resistance warranties.

Other Types of Fiber...

While Nylon is the most commonly used, there are other types of carpet fiber, each with it's own advantages. They include:


Polyester is noted for its luxurious soft "hand" when used in thick, cut pile textures. It has excellent colour clarity and retention. Polyester is easily cleaned and resistant to water soluble stains. Generally, polyester does not hold its fibre height under traffic and shifting weight as well as other carpet fibres.


This fibre is found in approximately 80% of commercial carpets. Polypropylene is strong, resists wear and permanent stains, and is easily cleaned. It is notably colorfast because colour is added in the fibre production. Resistant to Mold and Mildew, it is often used in both indoor and outdoor installations.


Wool's naturally crimped shape is the formation of millions of air pockets that act as insulation to help regulate room temperature and reduce energy bills. Also, Berber carpet is easy to clean and purifies your indoor air for up to 30 years from common contaminants like formaldehyde by locking the contaminants deep in the core of the fibre. Soft, yet resilient, Wool Berber carpet can withstand the toughest treatment and still bounce back.

Carpet Styles

Saxony Plush

A dense level-cut pile of about one-half inch or less. Yarn tufts are closely packed, presenting a smooth, luxurious surface. Generally for formal settings.

Textured Plush

Also a level-cut pile but with pile heights of more than one-half inch and not as dense as Saxony Plush. Appropriate for informal room schemes.

Hard Twist/Trackless/Frieze

Curled or twisted tufts make for a textured plush that masks foot-prints. Especially suitable for less formal decors.


Yarn are tufted into islands of high cut tufts and lower loop tufts to form a sculptured pattern. Suits more informal settings.

Level Loop

A simple loop pile with tufts of equal height. Durable construction makes it appropriate for high-traffic areas and informal rooms.

Berber (Multi-Level Loop)

A loop pile carpet with two or three levels of tufts forming a random sculptured surface. Broad application including semi-formal schemes.


Features a mixture of cut and uncut loops, creating a highly textured surface appearance. Suitable for both formal and informal settings.